This month’s theme: Open World

Happy New Year! For January, a time when people are either on holiday (Australia) or stuck in grey, cold, misery (rest of the world) it’s time to escape into a fantasy Open World RPG.

There are many RPGs that might be described as “open world”, so what I’ve focused on with this selection is games with some or all of the following:

  • a huge gameworld to roam freely around in
  • beautiful 3D graphics
  • a fantastic, immersive experience

Of all the iOS games I’ve played, The Shadow Sun sticks in my mind as a game of exceptional beauty. It’s still being updated for newer iPhone models, and while nothing has been pubicly announced, Ossian Studios’ Twitter feed suggests there will one day be a sequel.

Of all the open world games I’ve ever played: mobile, Mac and console, Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III) has been the most incredible, atmospheric, transcendent experience. If you search for “Morrowind iOS” there are any amount of players wanting the game to be ported, so perhaps that will happen one day.

Until then, enjoy some of these iOS  iOS games with wonderful open worlds to roam, quest and adventure through.