Cat Quest

Cat Quest initially looked a bit “bouncy” for me, but it had such rave reviews that I gave it a go. Those reviews are well deserved – it’s an amazingly fun, well designed game. All the characters are cats, though this is more cosmetic than anything, it’s not really “cat-themed” in terms of hunting mice or getting saucers of milk.

It’s also a game where spoiler forums go hand-in-hand with the enjoyment. You will want to know where to get the “Golden Key”, and you may also want to god-like yourself with the three Ultra Secret Items (which sadly the devs plan to nerf in a future update).

Healing is easy and free, and this was such a happy and liberating thing. Healing can get to be an expensive chore in many RPGs. Here though it’s a breeze, which is all the more important as Cat Quest does require a bit of grinding, and because there are no potions, and only a pretty useless Heal spell.

There’s one cave to grind gold, and then there are a few places to grind exp. Though I usually play melĂ©e, I found it easiest using all the Mage gear by the end, and the only spell I really needed was the first one you get, fire/burn.


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