A side-scrolling button-mashing adventure, Postknight is a lot of fun with quite a bit of depth. There are four types of quests:

  • story quests: these aren’t too long, and unlock new areas
  • post quests: these are short delivery quests
  • area quests: these are longer (~1-3 min/run), but have most exp/gold
  • kill [number] quests: you complete these through kills in the other quests

There are massive of different armour and weapon sets which you upgrade: when you’ve fully upgraded a piece of equipment it gets a bonus. When you wear four items in the same set you get a bonus.

Then there are potions: four in total. You get given the first, after that, there’s no point getting the 2nd or 3rd. Just wait for the 4th. With the potions you can upgrade their healing power and their refresh time by infusing them with herbs and other items you find. BUT: every healing bump slows down the refresh power. The key is to get the potions down to 3-sec refresh and ensure ¬†you get them back down to that after every healing point upgrade.

The problem is that the equipment isn’t balanced. The basic game mechanic relies on being able to heal up as much as possible while you fight. So it turns out that one of the earliest daggers (Mistral) remains pretty much the best weapon for most of the game, and you can easily finish the game with it. The devs have made some adjustments to some stat bugs, but the reality is you probably won’t ever bother getting or trying out all the different sets of equipment unless you’re the world’s most OCD completionist.

Then there are relationships. These are tedious and slow. There are also very expensive pets that do nothing (they never join you in battle). Supposedly a fully upgraded pet will occasionally give you legendary items, but I finished the game long before that ever happened. All in all it’s a fun game, but a massive grinder.


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