The War of Eustrath

No longer available in the App Store

The War of Eustrath is a combat strategy RPG that offers tactical, turn based battles in an anime storyline. Battles take place in a grid, and the different terrains will signficantly affect your strategy. You control giant mechs called GEARS that can be upgraded and levelled up as you play. Some are mechanical, and some are elemental. The different campaign missions, of which there are over fifty, “can play out with multiple results, altering how the story flows” according to TouchArcade’s review.

Genre: Combat RPG
Character: several pre-defined characters
Story: interesting anime-style storyline
Gear: armour, weapons, items
Sidequests: 50 campaign missions
Treasure: items from battle
Features: upgradeable robots, multiple endings, unlockable characters
Grinding: n/a
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