The Dungeon

iPhone Screenshot 3The Dungeon is lovely, slick little dungeon crawler that moves at surprisingly and enjoyably high speed. You play one of seven classes, and the object is to return to the surface with The Orb. Gear is quite mysterious, as the game notes: “item names are randomly generated on each playthrough, so if you don’t know what a scroll, wand or potion does, try using it.” You’ll also have to figure out what different rings do. And you need to eat (watch the green bar) or you’ll die. Health regenerates automatically.

Genre: Dungeon crawler
Platform: iPhone
Character: Seven different classes
Story: Retrieve The Orb to the surface
Gear: weapons, armour, potions, rings, scrolls, wands
Sidequests: none
Treasure: found randomly around dungeon floors
Features: useful minimap
Grinding: minimal
Links: Appshopper
Official site