Symphony of Eternity

No longer available in the App Store

Symphony of Eternity is a wonderful classic style JRPG with a lengthy but well balanced plot. It has a really engaging and compelling storyline, which can be quite humourous (particularly the rogue golem). It also features equippable “kits” that give characters different kinds of abilities and bonuses when they have worn them for long enough. You shouldn’t really need to grind, just the regular monsters will earn you enough gold for weapon and armour upgrades. Also you can re-distribute all your skill points (“merit points”) at each level up, which is great. There’s also a very useful Auto combat mode which speeds regular battles up a lot. You probably won’t want it for boss battles though. You can switch Auto on and off after each battle round.

One thing to note: there are three different control settings (touch, fixed d-pad, moving d-pad) but you will need to swap between them to get to certain points. Touch is generally the easiest for getting to chests down tight forest paths – there was at least one path that actually seemed inaccessible with the d-pad. However exits are sometimes covered by the menu buttons, so the only way to reach them is with the fixed d-pad: touch movement will just activate the menus.

Genre: Classic JRPG
Platform: iOS
Character: pre-defined, switches between different parties and members
Story: original and interesting story
Gear: weapon, armour, accessories
Sidequests: none
Treasure: chests, monster drops
Features: specialisation kits, auto combat button
Grinding: none
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