Space Miner: Platinum Edition

Described as a “3D space-faring action/RPG”, Space Miner contains far more RPG elements than many more conventional, fantasy-themed games. There is combat, there are sidequests, loot, gold, experience, different types of equipment. You earn gold to build up your ship and strength by blasting asteroids and various robot enemies, and doing side missions such as rescuing “tourists” floating around space. Even though it’s action-style, even the slowest and clumsiest players will find Space Miner fun and relatively easy. There are unlockable harder modes, but even these are not that hard – and you’ll have had a lot of time honing your skills by the time you reach them. Replayability is increased further by unique Alien technology items that are different on each difficulty level – and you get to keep the ones from your previous level.

Space Miner is simply a brilliant – perfect – game. It cannot be recommended highly enough.

Genre: Action RPG
Platform: iOS
Character: male/female, name
Story: original, amusing space-faring story
Gear: shields, weapons, hulls, engines, etc
Sidequests: several side missions with good loot
Treasure: empty ship hulls, quest rewards
Features: alien technology
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper
Official site