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A small game – but a huge amount of fun. Seriously, this ultra-simple dungeon crawler is weirdly satisfying and addictive. The terrible mispellings are quirky rather than annoying: “ster light” “goddes” “cerverus”. All you essentially do is progress through room after room, levelling up, getting harder and harder monsters. But there’s magic gear to collect, which makes you play more and more. If you die, you get kicked back about 50 rooms. One quirk (or feature?) if you die, you need to keep the game open to time-heal, whereas if you quit the game at any other time, you’ll heal while it’s inactive. You might want to hang onto low-level magic gear that gives you a quicker heal rate, to swap into when your health has been knocked down. Sometimes you’ll reach a monster (there are gods/bosses at certain intervals, like room 100/200/300 and room 666) and need to level or find better gear to get past it. Then you might luck out with some powerful gear and hit an easy streak for 100 rooms or so – then the monsters get really nasty again. The game already had one update which included adding extra content

Genre: Dungeon crawler
Platform: iPhone
Character: Braverman
Story: beat the Devil up on the tower
Gear: weapon, magic weapon, armour, shield
Sidequests: none
Treasure: gear, potions
Features: uses iPhone interface for inventory menu
Grinding: some
Links: Appshopper
Official site (Japanese only)

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