Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

No longer available in the App Store

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is the first in a series of classic turn-based RPGs for the iPhone, with a beautiful open, “Oblivion-style” steampunk world. Hammer of Thor is set in a world that has just begun to recover from a thousand-year winter. You play as a young treasure hunter trying to find out more about your dead parents. There are dozens of talents to customise your character with, and the game includes both randomly-generated and pre-designed levels. Combat is tile and turn-based, and uses dice. The game as the usual features expected in an RPG, including experience, levels, quests and “multitudes of items”. There may be in-app purchases for updates.

Genre: Action RPG
Character: barbarian, assassin, shaman, different talents
Story: original adventurous, epic storyline
Gear: weapons
Sidequests: several
Treasure: gold items from chests, monster drops
Features: some puzzles
Grinding: n/a
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