King Cashing: Slots Adventure

No longer available in the App Store

King Cashing is an absolutely brilliant RPG-slot machine hybrid. At heart, it’s an RPG, using the casino slots mechanic for gameplay. You have soldiers, archers and mages who may (or may not!) appear in the first reel. Modifiers (weapons, spellbooks) appear in the second reel. Enemies appear in the third reel. If you can get one of your troops or a modifier in the same line as an enemy, you hit them. Get all three, and it’s like a critical hit. You don’t lose HP yourself, but each round costs three cherries, so you need to wear the monster down before you’ve run out of cherries. When you level you can choose to upgrade one of your troop types, or get more cherries.

There are also some optional monsters that offer better rewards: some of these are very hard to kill, whereas others give you more rewards depending on how well you battle them. There are also boss battles every few steps, which offer guaranteed, better drops than regular monsters. You can farm these as much as you like, for experience and money. You can visit the shop at any time. You also get rankings based on how quickly you kill a regular monster, or how much damage you do to a special one.

Two notes: firstly, stopping the reels individually, even if you don’t specifically “aim”, seems to have a much better result than just stopping them all at the same time. Secondly, you’ll want to focus on one type of troop at a time: instead of having one melee, one ranged, one magic weapon, it’s better to have three of a specific kind, and also boost your number of their associated warrior (if you have a modifier card to do so).

Genre: slots-style RPG
Platform: iOS
Character: soldiers, mages, archers
Story: kill harder monsters until the end
Gear: weapons, spellbooks
Sidequests: bonus monsters
Treasure: monster drops
Features: slot-style play, achievements
Grinding: some
Links: Appshopper
Official site