Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire is a space-shooter RPG where you carry out different missions to earn credits to upgrade your ship and its weapons and shield, avoiding the evil alien race the Voids. There’s a choice of virtual stick or tilt-based controls. There are also two view modes, standard and free view, which gives pinch-and-zoom support to the battlefield. The trading system has 170 different commodities, and you will need certain gear to get items off spaceships and mine asteroids.

The game has been given some major updates since its first release (it disappeared from the App Store for a while but is now back). Features include:

  • A vast galaxy with over 20 star systems and more than 100 individual planets and space stations
  • More than 30 customizable spaceships and hundreds of different weapons systems, power-ups and commodities
  • A unique mixture of story-driven, mission-based and sandbox gameplay
  • High-quality visuals including detailed 3D models, hi-res textures and breath-taking Special FX
  • 3D sound, orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting
  • Action Freezeā„¢: Take screenshots from any perspective and share them on Facebook
  • Synchronisation of save games via iCloud


Genre: Action RPG
Character: pre-determined, space fighter pilot Keith Maxwell
Story: getting back home across the galaxy
Gear: spaceships, weapons, shields
Sidequests: endless
Treasure: trade goods from fights, asteroids
Features: trading system, asteroid mining, reputation & diplomacy system
Grinding: n/a
Links: AppStore
Official site