Galaxy on Fire 2

No longer available in the App Store

Galaxy on Fire is a space-shooter RPG where you carry out different missions to earn credits to upgrade your ship and its weapons and shield, avoiding the evil alien race the Voids. There’s a choice of virtual stick or tilt-based controls. There are also two view modes, standard and free view, which gives pinch-and-zoom support to the battlefield. The trading system has 170 different commodities, and you will need certain gear to get items off spaceships and mine asteroids.

Genre: Action RPG
Character: pre-determined, space fighter pilot Keith Maxwell
Story: getting back home across the galaxy
Gear: spaceships, weapons, shields
Sidequests: endless
Treasure: trade goods from fights, asteroids
Features: trading system, asteroid mining, reputation & diplomacy system
Grinding: n/a
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