Dink Smallwood

Dink Smallwood is an iOS port of the classic 1997 RPG. Surreal humour is one of its unique features. You play as Dink, a pig farmer, who is “thrust into an epic journey of magic and adventure” and must save the world from a mysterious cult. It has the usual features of a classic RPG, with plenty of different items to equip. DMODs, or “Dink Modules” – add-on quests that are completely new adventures – may be arriving in future. It’s highly recommended to old-school RPG fans.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: Dink, a pig farmer
Story: defeating a mysterious evil cult
Gear: weapons, gear, magic items
Sidequests: several
Treasure: chests
Features: humour
Grinding: n/a
Links: Appshopper