Choice of Broadsides

iPhone Screenshot 1Choice of Broadsides is an interactive adventure that fuses a “choose-your-own-adventure” with a text RPG. It’s much more than just a book: choices you make will affect later plot points, and how you customise your character will also affect what you can do and your successes. You can play as male or female, and it’s quite amusing – given the historic naval setting – to play as a female. Nothing about the game is actually changed except for all genders being reversed, which is interesting and surprising at times. You also have to keep a balance between crew loyalty and discipline, and there’s a sort of amusing semi-sidequest where you can try and win a spouse. This is much more than a passive reading experience, it really is a game, and it’s quite replayable.

Genre: Interactive adventure
Character: gender, name, background
Story: In depth, very original and involved
Gear: n/a
Sidequests: n/a
Treasure: n/a
Features: moral choices
Grinding: n/a
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