Cavern is described as a small dungeon crawler in the vein of Rogue and Nethack. It’s a new game though – it was built from scratch for the iPhone. The dungeon generator mixes random and pre-defined content. There are twelve randomly generated dungeons, and five special levels. The graphics are retro-style but look very nice, clear and colourful. Apparently a lack of natural healing/regeneration makes it quite tough, and there is an encumbrance system affecting how much loot you can carry. However anything you drop stays where it is for that particular game, so you can pick it up later. The game will resume if you quit and restart, but there are no save game slots.

Genre: Dungeon crawler
Character: name, class: fighter, adventurer (bows) or mystic
Story: retrieve a Mystery Object
Gear: weapons, armour, jewellery
Sidequests: none
Treasure: 100 different items to find
Features: puzzles
Grinding: some
Links: Appshopper
Official site