Book of Heroes

Book of Heroes is an online but single player classic RPG. It has turn-based combat. You get a maximum of twelve “charges” which you use to do quests or to heal, and these recharge over time. Health also recharges slowly over time. You visit different locations on the map as you pick up various quests, most of which are part of the original main storyline. Some zones are “infinite” combat: you can keep going, but each round costs you one charge. Other zones cost a certain amount of charges, but once you’re in, you get a certain number of fights (so far the cost always matches the number of fights). As a result it’s best for casual play: a few minutes here and there.

Book of Heroes is free but has (currently optional) IAP for its gold shield premium currency, that allow you to buy certain high powered equipment as well as recharges. This has been somewhat controversially received by early players, but it really is optional: you can enjoy the game without buying premium gear. You still find plenty of magic gear from monsters. It would be worth paying for an upgrade to get faster recharges and/or more maximum charges, but this isn’t currently available. The game has started in soft launch in certain markets, and the developers are still evolving it and planning new content.

Genre: classic RPG
Platform: iPhone
Character: Justicar, Shadow Walker, War Mage
Story: A great evil is arising in the village of Glenfort…
Gear: quest rewards, shops
Sidequests: 75 quests
Treasure: monster drops
Features: IAP, ancestral items that scale with level, feats
Grinding: moderate, needed to level
Links: AppStore
Official site