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Ash is a classic JRPG or Japanese RPG which has enjoyed rave reviews. As with most JRPGs, you take on the role of pre-defined characters, rather than creating your own hero. The game features quite a lot of well-written dialogue and has a big focus on story and character, and it’s actually well-done and very interesting. The developers have also provided a downloadable soundtrack and strategy guide and world map on their website, which is always useful. Grinding is not as heavy as in a Korean RPG, but is often needed to level up to get past a certain point. On the upside, the end of the game gets easier rather than impossibly hard. The game features both touch-to-move and an optional D-pad. Healing at inns is free if you are broke. Ash 2 is also being planned.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: pre-defined characters Nicholas and Damien
Story: Two mercenaries are embroiled in a conflict that reveals their mysterious pasts
Gear: armour, weapon, shield
Sidequests: n/a
Treasure: lots of hidden loot (items and gold) all over the place
Features: downloadable soundtrack
Grinding: moderate
Links: Appshopper
Official site
Official strategy guide