Adventure Bar Story

Adventure Bar Story is best described as a SIM RPG – you progress the story by running a restaurant and cooking different recipes for it. Each day you choose a different location to visit, pick up various ingredients, fight monsters for more, and then go back and cook up different items which you then eat for experience or sell in your restaurant. The more you sell and the more money you make, the higher your bar rank, and the more the story unfolds and more new locations get unlocked. Every ten days there’s a cooking contest which helps you progress in rank.

It’s feature rich and has all the usual familiar paraphernalia of an RPG: combat, loot, skills. Being essentially a JRPG the characters are pre-defined (you create a party of three from several different characters, and can swap in and out each day) and the skill levelling is automatic. And the combat is turn-based. Cool features include Steal – which can loot high level items that monsters won’t otherwise drop – and various secret locations, usually with treasure chests in them.

Genre: Sim JRPG
Platform: iOS iPhone
Character: 3-person party from predfined characters
Story: Original, interesting story that gradually unfolds
Gear: weapons, armour, potions
Sidequests: n/a
Treasure: monster drops, monster steals, chests
Features: steal from monsters,
Grinding: heavy
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