7 Stories

iPhone Screenshot 27 Stories is a lovely little classic RPG with a nice slick feel and clear, bright graphics. You pick your main character from one of seven pre-designed characters: the original classes include “sky pirate” and “genie”. As the game progresses you can choose up to two more of the remaining six characters to build a party of three, and you can swap them in and out. Classic RPG fans will love this game, the movement feels nice and a good speed.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iOS iPhone
Character: choose one of seven pre-made characters as your primary, plus two of the remainder for your party (dragoon, sky-pirate, dryad, genie, high elf, alchemist, revenant
Story: find the four magic orbs
Gear: swords, gauntlets, helmets
Sidequests: none
Treasure: monster drops, chests
Features: a secret area
Grinding: minimal/optional
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