Tower of Fortune

Tower of Fortune is a role playing game with combat mechanics drawn from slot machines. You’ll need to earn money to progress, by microtransactions or fighting monsters.

There are four different slot machine games: Combat in the Tower, Treasure in the Chest, Fight the scum family, and Rest in the tavern. The slot reels also have a Bet button to gamble and raise your score. If you die, you lose all your equipment, levels and upgrades – you only get to keep your unspent money. Quite a bit of grinding is needed in the later stages if you want to avoid IAP.

Tower of Fortune has won praise for its unique retro graphics and music. The RPG elements are also considered quite deep.

Genre: Slot machine RPG
Platform: iOS iPhone iPad
Character: retired hero fights to rescue daughter, three different game endings
Story: rescue the lady
Gear: weapons, helmets, armour, shields, accessories
Sidequests: 39 random combat quests, 12 random tavern quests
Treasure: coins from slots
Features: four different slot machine games, customise your camp with upgrades
Grinding: moderate without IAP
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