Sorceria 1: The Mad Doctor

Sorceria is an original RPG from the developers of the innovative RPG name generator/RPG board game. The name generation is built into Sorceria, so while you can’t choose your party members’ names, you can keep re-rolling auto-suggestions, most of which are great. There are eight character classes: alongside the familiar Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric and Bard are also Dancer (great for bargaining), Vagrant (gets three random feats), Morph (mimics enemies but can’t equip items). Stats are also a random roll, and you don’t get to see what they are until you finalise your party.

Graphics are unashamedly retro, but clear and colourful. The combat system is based on Final Fantasy Legend where nearly every item has limited uses, so you have to think about what weapons and skills to use when. Abnormal states also play a big role, and hang around after battles. There isn’t a minimap, although it’s not vital it would be useful in dungeons.

Genre: classic RPG
Platform: iOS Universal
Character: 8 classes, random names
Story: Defeat the Mad Doctor
Gear: helmets, armour, weapons, spell books
Sidequests: several
Treasure: chests
Features: strong randomisation to each new game
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper
Official site