Sage Fusion

No longer available in the App Store

iPhone Screenshot 5Sage Fusion is described as a graphic novel adventure JRPG hybrid. The battles are RPG-like, though there’s no level progression. It contains over 70 hand-drawn backgrounds and illustrations, with a space opera storyline. Areas contain point-and-click style adventure features, such as copying a code sequence to disable a security light. Sage Fusion has an interesting combat system with a sense of real-time, as despite it being turn-based there is a time-based shield tap to break enemy shields or use your own. The developers are planning a second chapter, which will be “larger in scope than episode one”.

Genre: adventure RPG/graphic novel
Platform: iOS universal
Character: pre-defined
Story: space opera set in the futuristic city of Capistad
Gear: potions, grenades
Sidequests: n/a
Treasure: monster drops
Features: puzzles
Grinding: none
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