Pocket RPG

No longer available in the App Store

Pocket RPG is a dual-stick action dungeon-crawler looter. You choose from three classes: Blade Master, Dark Ranger or Battle Mage. Each campaign has seven quests, with each quest starting as a new adventure, with the hero back to level zero with an empty inventory. The first six quests take about 20-30 minutes, each having 3-4 map sections, and the seventh and final one takes longer.

Pocket RPG is described as providing “hours of fantasy hack’n’slash mayhem”. There’s lots and lots of looting, as well as unlockables. Skills and stat progression is automatic based on the items your character equips. There’s one saved game for each character.

Genre: Dungeon crawler
Platform: iOS iPhone
Character: three classes: Blade Master, Dark Ranger, Battle Mage
Story: Explore dungeons, get loot, kill bosses
Gear: weapons, accessories
Sidequests: none
Treasure: masses of loot
Features: 100 different achievements
Grinding: n/a
Links: Appshopper
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