Pixel Quest RPG

No longer available in the App Store

Pixel Quest RPG is described as a retro RPG game mixed with modern sandbox gameplay experience. The graphics are super cute, and the isometric world-view map is particularly neat. Essentially you wander around accepting quests from different NPCs. It’s being compared to other retro-style games such as Yipe 5. It’s a feature-rich game although there’s no real overarching story or quest, and there’s no levelling system.

Battles are in combat screen and turn-based. You also need certain items to defeat certain enemies, adding a puzzle dimension to the game. After battles there’s a quirky “wheel of fortune” style treasure spinner to randomise how much gold you get. The developer has also added more features since the game came out, such as a crafting system, a companion fairy who helps you heal in battle, and treasure hunting.

Genre: classic RPG
Platform: iPhone
Character: wizard sprite
Story: help villagers
Gear: staff, hat, cloak, armour, boots, jewllery
Sidequests: multiple
Treasure: gold from battles
Features: treasure “wheel of fortune”, crafting, mining, companion fairy, buried treasure
Grinding: moderate
Links: Appshopper
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