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Omber is an original action RPG set in a beautiful 3D world. Made by Zarista Games, the developers of expansions for the (2D, not even isometric) The Quest series, it’s weirdly familiar in places. But obviously being 3D, the game play is very different. There’s a huge world to explore, both overland and under water. Plus the usual dozens and dozens of quests that The Quest games are renowned for.

The graphics have an “old school” vibe: you’re not going to get Skyrim+latest graphic mods equivalent here. But given the size of the development team it’s a pretty impressive achievement. It runs on the Unity engine. The interface and graphics are also being adapted and improved all the time, as the devs are very responsive to feedback. For example, the way it plays in portrait mode has recently been enhanced. Given how long The Quest series ran, Omber will hopefully be a long play for them.

Much like The Quest games, of which I must have played pretty much every expansion, I get frequently lost. Zarista’s game worlds don’t make geographic sense: entrances to various sections and realms are often tucked inside the most incongruous places. So it’s frequently hard to remember how to get somewhere. Sign up to the Catacomber forums, hang out in there, where people are always amazingly helpful and your questions may already have been asked and answered, and you’ll get the most from this game.

Genre: Action RPG
Platform: iOS
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