King Cashing 2

The original King Cashing was a smash hit game, cleverly using slot-machine mechanics to create an RPG. King Cashing 2 is more of the same and better, using a comic-book style interface to progress you through the game. As with the first instalment there are “mystery” levels/bosses that have to be unlocked. And after the third chapter, there’s also a mystery endurance level which takes ages to win but yields high level/rare equipment.

King Cashing 2 features tonnes of different items and upgrades, and you can get through it without concentrating too much on skill and timing, though it really helps if you do try timing the wheels. All in all it’s a good balance of luck and strategy. The game starts with three comic book volumes, with future ones planned.

Genre: slots-style RPG
Platform: iOS
Character: pick three of six troop types: soldier, gunner, tamer, necromancer, cyborgette, alchemist (or the King, who is useless)
Story: kill harder monsters until the end
Gear: troops, weapons, accessories/modifiers
Sidequests: bonus “mystery” monsters
Treasure: monster drops
Features: slot-style play, achievements, mystery bosses, endurance level
Grinding: some
Links: Appshopper