Dwarf Quest

No longer available in the App Store

Dwarf Quest is a high-end isometric dungeon-crawler with fast-paced, turn-based combat that “plays like a board game”. It’s a Roguelike, but all the maps are hand-crafted (nothing is random) and there’s no permadeath. While there’s also no manual save, the game will auto-save every few rooms.

Dwarf Quest has nine levels with two boss fights. There are some simple puzzles, with levers and keys. Balance is “very finely calibrated” according to reviewers, so you have to use healing potions sparingly. A slow, defensive, dwarf-like strategy is recommended. The developers have responded very closely to early feedback to make adjustments to the game and fix issues.

Genre: Dungeon crawler
Platform: iOS universal
Character: Morrin Firebeard, proud dwarven warrior
Story: track down the undead wizard Azar
Gear: potions, battle cards
Sidequests: none
Treasure: chests
Features: battle cards to boost skills, puzzles, levers
Grinding: zero
Links: Appshopper
official site