Dungeons of Chaos

A retro RPG treat Рan absolute must-play for fans of the genre. There’s a huge amount of item types and the opportunity to evolve your class. The devs are also very involved with the game, actively optimising it and responding to feedback.

Dungeons of Chaos features auto-combat, with a range of auto-pause options (eg if a character falls below a certain HP level. You can also set some characters to auto and not others, which I found very useful. For tough fights you can do it totally manually and be more strategic.

I particularly liked the easy “Compare” feature for equipment. You get the usual armour items plus jewellery/accessories, enabling lots of customisation.

Dungeons of Chaos is a retro-style 2D RPG that takes you on an epic journey with numerous spells, skills and tactical combat to employ in order to win the battle against evil. Huge locations to explore (both unique and randomised). Totally ad-free.


Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iOS
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