Brigands and Barbarians

No longer available in the App Store

iPhone Screenshot 1Brigands and Barbarians is an old-school adventure where you have to cleanse the map of monsters. You pick one of four classes: a Brigand, Barbarian, Archer or Sorceress, and stat roll to determine their starting stats.

To move across the world map you tap the edges of the screen, colliding with an object or enemy to encounter it. Combat has an interesting real-time progress bar where you need to tap while the marker is in the green section to score a hit. The game features unashamedly retro graphics and is simple, fun and fast-paced.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iOS iPhone
Character: Barbarian, Brigand, Archer or Sorceress
Story: cleanse the lands of Charedon of their evil stench
Gear: weapons, armour
Sidequests: none
Treasure: from dungeon encounters
Features: real-time combat tap bar, riddles
Grinding: none
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