Ackeron Darksun

An amazing sci-fi themed RPG, highly original with heaps to do and upgrade, and a truly engaging storyline. Progress is a bit fits-and-starts, this is a very hard game in places. There’s also no option to join more than one guild, and which guild you join greatly limits (or enables) how your character can develop.

Ackeron also has a wonderful in-game merchant trading mechanic, which is great for earning money and experience.

Highly recommended to classic RPG fans.

Based on the award winning classic RPG — The fate of two worlds are in your hands…

Launched into space to find technologies from distant stars, you are humanities last hope of salvation.

But the civilization you find is teetering on the brink, all but destroyed by an alien scourge.

Can you help them recover their lost power so that they can help you save the Earth?

Trade or fight or conquer arenas as you explore an alien world.

Join one of 5 guilds — Mercenary, Centurion, Psionics, Smuggler or Technology.

Craft your own style of combat balancing speed, skill, brawn, strategy and psionics.

Dozens of hours of gameplay.

The fate of two worlds are in your hands.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iOS
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