No longer available in the App Store

Lili is a beautiful, 3G RPG where your task to is get rare flowers for a school project. The game has “peaceful combat” rather than killing: you pluck flowers off spirits to send them into the sky. The mini map is live and shows NPCs and spirits moving around the section of the town you are in. The three stats are speed: how fast you can run, grip: hold long you can hold onto a spirit for, and stealth: how closely you can approach undetected.
Movement is wonderfully smooth despite being 3D, and you can invert both the x and/or y axis to get the most comfortable feel. Single tap to walk and double tap to run; drag to look around/change direction.

Genre: Action Adventure RPG
Platform: iOS
Character: pre-defined: Lili, a botany student
Story: highly unique storyline
Gear: boots, ring necklace
Sidequests: several
Treasure: pick flowers or defeat spirits for gold
Features: outfits to collect, free-roaming 3D world, collections, live minimap
Grinding: n/a
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