Untold RPG

Untold RPG is a text-based RPG where you create your own adventure. You need to choose wisely as your choices matter to the outcome of the game. You play as an undefined character, without any knowledge of gender or looks, and build up experience and gather equipment throughout the game.

As one player describes it: “It’s a gorgeous, simplistic text based RPG in the same vein as Zork with heavy dark/low fantasy elements and a decent amount of buildcrafting. The focus is primarily the story, and the game itself is a beautiful exhibition of craftsmanship with custom art, a great accompanying soundtrack, a deeply immersive narrative and a sleek user interface.”

Features include:

  • Nostalgic table-top RPG style
  • Equip and build your character
  • Over 8 hours of playtime (Estimated, single play-through)
  • Multiple endings
  • Re-playability with different play styles opening up different locations, gear and items

The developers are already working on a sequel.


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