Xploquest 2

No longer available in the App Store

xploquestXploquest 2 is the sequel to the wonderful retro RPG Xploquest. Once again you travel across the world fighting monsters and building up your stats and gold. The aim is to find purple keys in the castles to the doors inside towers. As well as castles, there are also dungeons where you may have to solve simple puzzles and get items from other dungeons to complete them.

Unlocking the Exploration skill will enable you to cross more terrain types. As you increase in level, fighting monsters on lower level terrains becomes optional, making movement much quicker.

There’s also a fun alchemy system, which is particularly useful at earlier levels when gold is harder to come by. Later on, you’ll probably get rich and lazy and just buy potions.

If you want to get stuck/want to cheat(!) here’s an overland map.



Genre: Retro turn-based RPG
Platform: iOS
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