Wizschool - Ancient Book of Magic

Wizschool is a puzzle-RPG with three different game modes. These are basically "match 3" but with quite an elaborate storyline. The graphics are really lovely: crisp, colourful and well drawn, and have been praised for a "deliciously retro atmosphere". The sound effects are also very well done. The duel-match 3 mode is done with a timer: each player (you plus the AI) has three seconds to make moves.

The game is by French developers, which gives it a really charming flavour, and it has English, French and Japanese language options. There are 18 characters to discover, each with its own personality and AI. There's a huge world with 16 different locations. And despite being only a dollar, there's no in-app purchase/IAP. You can enter the shop to use game gold after playing the first two levels

Genre: Puzzle RPG
Platform: iOS
Character: name
Story: original story, about joining the Elandry school of magic
Gear: amulets, potions, stat modifiers
Sidequests: story quests
Treasure: gold from battles
Features: three different game modes: straight match 3, combat/duel match 3
Grinding: n/a
Links: Appshopper
Official site
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