Wild Frontier

Wild Frontier is a KRPG with the usual insanely heavy grinding. On the good side it's feature rich with plenty of quests (and not solely fetch quests, though the majority tend to be "kill 15 of this" and "bring 10 of that"). There's a day/night cycle which can be useful or annoying, depending on whether you want harder or easier monster levels at a certain level. Crafting is extensive and vital, and fortunately a great way to earn cash. Classes are quite restrictive, you can't use a shield unless you're a tank, for example. You can tame a pet which ends up (randomly) as a fighter, a stat-enhancer, or a looter. (Looting a corpse takes at least a couple of seconds - IAP for insta-loot is a sorely missed opportunity by the devs). There are also some mini-bosses that end up on job boards as well as subquests, allegedly they have better loot, but not in my experience.

The bad: boss fights are horribly, horribly imbalanced. You'll need to grind so far past the level recommended to kill them that they won't even give you any XP. You'll also need to travel to the "next" area to find harder monsters to keep raising your XP. What makes this really painful is that there doesn't appear to be any fast travel or teleportation available. When certain quests involve you travelling across a dozen screens of hugely monster-infested areas just to talk to someone in another city, then ping-pong back again, it gets not just frustrating but boring. Lastly, there's still a tonne of non-translated Korean text, including for some town names and miniboss names.

There's also an absolutely horrible death penalty which involves either IAP-ing a first aid kit, or losing a load of cash. Best advice: quit the app, force clear it from your app bar, then reload. IAP may ease some things a bit, certainly a larger bag is recommended. The good thing about crafting is that you can compress lower items to their higher level equivalent (eg Red Shells become Blue Shells, at a 3-for-1 cost) and you can also mutate items to totally different ones (5-for-1 cost). Another tip: lower-level Rare equipment often seems to be more powerful than higher-level General or Advanced equipment. Final tip: you can often double up quests, particularly with mini-bosses. If an NPC asks you to kill a mini-boss, check the nearest job-board for a quest to kill the same one. You can fulfil both quests with the single kill.

Genre: KRPG
Platform: iPhone
Character: male, tank, fighter or agile
Story: save the continent from demons
Gear: weapon, armour, accessories
Sidequests: numerous, including job board
Treasure: monster drops, IAP
Features: extensive crafting, item mutation, day/night cycle, pets, mini-bosses
Grinding: heavy
Links: Appshopper
Wild Frontier guide
Wild Frontier guide 2
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