Shadow Steps

Shadow Steps is an interesting attempt at a "follow the pattern" or Simon Says RPG. It's currently iPad only, but might work better as a more casual pick-up/put-down iPhone game, which is apparently a future possibility. The graphics are lovely, but the main issue is that you can really enjoy them. As soon as you move to a new screen the pattern starts flashing, so you have to concentrate on that, then as soon as you've tapped it out, the screen changes. Rinse/repeat.

You can also ask for a new pattern, but this increases the completion difficulty of the current task. Every so often there are special levels, eg where all the icons are chests, and succeeding wins you a choice of treasure. The developer does note that "this is not a game for everyone, and meant to be played once in a while to try beat your score." It probably does need a bit more depth for a better RPG feel. Maybe time-based bonus levels, where you could earn more points to buy upgrades, eg an upgrade that allows you a second attempt, or slows the initial flash sequence, or cuts one of the flashes off so you have less to remember. So it's playable, and interesting, but feels like a bit of a work-in-progress.

Genre: hybrid RPG
Platform: iPad
Character: none
Story: n/a
Gear: n/a
Sidequests: n/a
Treasure: 150 loot items
Features: hand painted art, unique Simon Says combat
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper
Official site
Touch Arcade
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