For a game with all the satisfying levelling and upgrades of an RPG, but without endless monster battles, Petally is wonderful fun. You’re essentially collecting flowers, and hunting for rare ones to harvest their seeds, in an endlessly sunny landscape (except for occasional brief rainstorms). You are beset by "monsters" in the form of birds, locusts and hurricanes, which you have to fend off in different ways.

The most exciting thing is finding rare flowers. You have to harvest ten of each to be able to get their seeds and plant them, which generates big money. You can find rare flowers randomly during the day, you can usually find at least a couple in the brief nighttime period: and they glow by night or day, so you won’t miss them. Eventually you get invited on Expeditions which guarantee you the discovery of at least one more rare. If you’re cunning, you can sometimes find a spot that gives you a couple of rares.

You get an army of cats to do the bulk of the flower gathering, though you can also gather yourself. The cats don’t need feeding or paying, which is great, though they do take time off to eat and sleep. It would be nice to see a choice of cats in future updates, so you could choose fur colours/names. After a certain number of levels you can upgrade their speed.

The game has an (optional) social element, which does add to the fun as the "gifts" you can give and receive can be useful. You get ten hours of free play, which is quite substantial, you’ll know by then whether you’re hooked or not.

Genre: Hybrid RPG
Platform: iOS Universal
Character: pre-defined
Story: Gather flowers and get rich
Gear: cats!
Treasure: rare and valuable flowers to find
Features: Social element with gift-swapping
Links: AppStore
Official site
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