Outer Empires

Finally in the App Store, Outer Empires is a space MMORPG that is available to play both via web browser and on the iPhone. You you start out as a newly graduated pilot and work your way up to ruling your own Galactic Empire as you colonise planets and build mines and research stations. You'll need to gradually upgrade your ship over time, with hold space and weapons and so on. You can also buy blueprints to manufacture things, and build a lab to research things. The OE community is very active, with lots of friendly factions, and the developers nearly permanently in the in-game chat channels. They're also very active and responsive in the official forums.

***As of August 2012, this game is removed from the App Store, but appears to still exist as a browser game, and its website suggests it is still actively being developed so may return.***

Character: name
Story: open storyline
Gear: ship parts
Sidequests: transport, exploration, combat (unlimited amount)
Treasure: exp and credits from doing jobs
Features: colonise planets, mine resources, improve blueprints
Grinding: some
Links: Appshopper
Official site
OE Wiki
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