The Quest - Mithril Horde II

The sequel to the Mithril Horde expansion for Redshift's The Quest. It's aimed at players at least Level 35, to follow on directly from the first Mithril Horde. Lord Yuz wants you to travel to the southern country of Caspara to find a magic tome to free his cousin Princess Yasmine from the spell of the great dragon king, Bethlusaa.

Like the rest of The Quest series it's a classic, in depth RPG with plenty of dialogue, sidequests, different gear, skills and spells. There are 70 quests and lots of new monsters. There is also a separate quest guide you can get in the App Store with detailed information on solving quests and visual guides for "trickier missions". Or of course there are the great people in the Catacomber forums, always ready with tips and hints and spoilers.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: name, gender, portrait, class, skills, spells
Story: interesting and original, moral choices to make
Gear: weapons, wands, ammo, full armour, rings, amulets
Sidequests: 70 quests
Treasure: loads of loot in objects and monster drops
Features: amazingly fun card minigame in taverns
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper
Quest guide app
Catacomber forum
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