Legend Four

Legend Four is a lengthy and very well done jewel-match style puzzle RPG. There are fifteen continents, 160+ levels, a multiplayer mode, and new lands promised in a future update. Everything in the game is based around "souls" which are essentially gold/in game currency. You earn them from battles, from treasure chests, from completing things, and also get a daily reward of extra souls each day you play. Souls are used to upgrade your weapons and armour. You can also buy them via IAP, otherwise you'll need to grind for them to get enough to upgrade your gear.

Combat works by making minimum three-tile matches, but the longer the better. Swords for damage, blue hourglasses for mana points, red potions for health, and golden shields to repair your shield. If you're out of your depth and keep losing, the game lets you know by urging you to upgrade your gear.

Genre: Puzzle RPG
Platform: iOS universal
Character: four pre-defined
Story: unique story
Gear: helmet, armour, weapon, accessory
Sidequests: optional treasure chests
Treasure: souls found in chests, or won from battle
Features: IAP, daily free souls
Grinding: moderate to heavy, depending on IAP
Links: Appshopper
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