The Legend and the Hero

This is an interesting RPG, because it's from China, rather than the usual Korean and Japanese RPGs that are so numerous. It's based on a real legend, and is full of Chinese gods and demons. The Legend and the Hero has apparently topped the RPG charts in the China App Store, and it's now been translated into English. Unusually the game is in portrait orientation, the graphics are retro but very attractive, and the combat animations are especially good - your sprites rapidly fly across the screen. It's cut-scene, turn-based combat, but it moves pretty quickly. You start with a two-party team, and quickly pick up a third member. The first few levels are almost instantaneous (just one fight and you level). Also, the game has "visible enemy encounters" so you can choose whether to bump into a little red or blue flame like icon, to trigger a fight or not.

It seems that you can save at any time from the menu, but there also appear to be what look like save points in the game. There's plenty to buy and sell, and you get a good re-sale value on items. Dying seems to be rather expensive and difficult - so keep regular saves and maybe consider reloading if you die. The magic system seems to be based around "talismans" which each character selects from a list of what they have available. Possibly the only thing that lets it down is movement, which is slow and clunky. You need to drag the players around with your finger, and they seem to get stuck all the time. A fixed onscreen control pad would be a great improvement. One more note: the game is currently quite unstable and crashes a lot, most often when accessing the menu. You may even need to try an earlier save, so save regularly. The devs are aware of the issue so hopefully there'll be an update soon.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: pre-defined, party of up to three
Story: retelling of Chinese legend Fengshen Yanyi
Gear: weapon, armour, potions, talismans
Sidequests: some
Treasure: monster drops, chests, quest rewards
Features: elemental damage system
Grinding: n/a
Links: Appshopper
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