Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V is the fifth instalment in the Japanese RPG series, it first came out in Japan in 1992 and has now been ported as a universal iOS app. The game's story follows Bartz Klauser, "a lone wanderer who rides a chocobo named Boko", as he leads a four-strong party to stop the evil warlock Exdeath shattering all the crystals.

Final Fantasy V's main innovation is a revamped job system, which allows all characters to potentially master up to 22 jobs. These involve a separate form of experience, "ABP", as well as multi-classing. The Active Time Battle system was also reworked, allowing the player for the first time to see whose turn would come next. The Final Fantasy series' first recurring mini-boss, Gilgamesh, was also introduced in this game.

Genre: Classic JPRG
Platform: iOS Universal
Character: party of four strangers led by Bartz Klauser
Story: Save the shattering crystals and defeat Exdeath
Gear: weapons, armour, jewellery, potions
Sidequests: 20+
Treasure: monster drops
Features: revamped job system, 26 classes
Grinding: moderately heavy
Links: Appshopper
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