Epic Pirates Story

Epic Pirates Story is a Kairosoft-style (Epic Astro Story, Dungeon Village) RPG from Epic Devs. You have to build up a pirate village while sending out pirates on quest to get loot and experience. There's auto-combat - you essentially watch and wait while your sprites attack the enemy sprites, with no interaction.

Epic Pirates Story less of a sim and more of an RPG than Kairosoft's games. It doesn't have the equivalent town depth of Kairosoft: building a blacksmith, for example, doesn't give you access to new weapons. But what you do in the town does have a bigger impact on how your pirates fight, and loot matters more than it does in Kairosoft. The graphics are also more sophisticated and iOS level.

Genre: strategy sim RPG
Platform: iOS universal
Character: name, island name, gender
Story: get revenge on evil pirate king Duke A Blizzardo
Gear: weapon, helmet, armour, gloves
Sidequests: repeatable mission quests for loot and exp
Treasure: loot, exp
Features: town sim features
Grinding: n/a
Links: Appshopper
Official site
Touch Arcade
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