Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions is a wonderful retro-style classic RPG. You create a party of four from seven different classes, which are interesting and a bit unusual and well balanced. Bards are apparently quite powerful in this game. The Templar automatically leaps in front of the party members on either side, taking their damage most of the time. It’s much easier with only one character to heal as (so far) I haven’t found a Heal All. At high level the Templar gets a counter-attack for every time they’re hit. This may or may not be a glitch, but the Marksman seems to ignore Blindness and fire with the same accuracy regardless. The Mystic also seems to be immune to many curses and status effects.

Combat is is cut-scene. There are a lot of random encounters so exploration early on may feel a bit grindy, but later on you get a mount that moves much faster and avoids random enemies. The characters gain a kind of bonus fight points over time, culminating in one massive special attack, predefined for each class. Someone who usually hits for 2,000 may hit for 10,000, for example. You can’t delay this, you have to take it, so if you can build up the special points bar before a boss fight by taking on some randoms, it can really assist with the harder enemies. Classes will really affect how you play.

Echo Dawn does seem pretty hard on Normal. I ended up ditching my party and playing on Easy, and it’s still pretty challenging. There’s a massive amount of different loot which is one of the best features of the game, and some of it really makes a big difference to combat. For example an item that does a few hundred bonus damage after you hit, often enough to finish the enemy off. Another item that gives you bonus experience every fight - great for helping a sluggish character to catch up (character sometimes get bonus exp if they have high luck, so they can eventually fall out of sync in terms of level). Also an armour that heals 10% of damage every round. So the items are quite varied and imaginative, and encourage you to try different combinations and tactics.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iOS
Character: Party of four, name, gender, seven classes
Story: Save the kingdom
Gear: helmet, armour, gloves, boots, jewellery, weapon, shield
Sidequests: optional Caves of Chaos quest
Treasure: loot, gold
Features: mounts to ride faster and avoid random enemies
Grinding: minimal
Links: Appshopper
Developer site
TouchArcade forum
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