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Dungeon Crawlers

These are RPGs with less plot and more hack'n'slash. Some have random dungeons, making them infinitely replayable.

Mazes of Karradash 2

added 22.6.15
Wonderful retro dungeon RPG
with beautifully designed mazes

The Enchanted Cave 2

added 18.9.15
Highly addictive retro roguelike
with bright, clean graphics

Rogue Wizards

added 9.6.17
Beautiful rogue-lite dungeon
crawler with town buildling

Necromancer Rising

Action dungeon crawler RPG
with higher end graphics

Sword of Fargoal

iOS port of classic 1982
dungeon crawler

Deadly Dungeon

Hack'n'slash dungeon crawler,
sophisticated graphics

Tumulus of Fen

Wonderful retro style dungeon
crawler, lengthy and feature rich

Rogue Touch

Remake of classic dungeon
adventure, retro graphics

Perpetual Tower

Slick and simple old school
dungeon crawler

Solomon's Keep

Dungeon crawler played as
wizard, compared to Torchlight

Solomon's Boneyard

Dungeon crawler two-thumb
shooter hybrid, endless survival

Temple of Arkadoom

Retro 3D dungeon crawler,
quest storyline or random play


Small retro dungeon crawler,
compared to Rogue & Nethack

Sorcerer #1

Ultra retro dungeon crawler,
like old-style text adventure

Sorcerer #2

Ultra retro dungeon crawler,
minimal graphics


Superb, ultra linear but
addictive dungeon crawler

The Dungeon

Lovely, slick dungeon crawler
with fast place, very replayable

100 Rogues

Arcade style dungeon crawler
with random maps, lots of gear

Wizardry Labyrinth of
Lost Souls

1st person, grid based
classic dungeon crawler

The Dead Hop

Retro style dungeon crawler,
with strategic combat elements


Arcade-style dungeon crawler,
compared to Gauntlet

Pocket RPG

Roguelike dual-stick action
dungeon-crawler looter

Dwarf Quest

Isometric dungeon crawler
with turn-based combat

Soda Dungeon

added 27.10.15
Addictive & quirky dungeon
leveller with fun features

Dark Shrine

3D action dungeon crawler,
compared to Diablo

Pocket Dungeon:
Underground Labyrinth

Simple yet addictive progressive
retro dungeon crawler


Retro roguelike action dungeon
crawler with generous drops

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