The Dead Hop

The Dead Hop is a cute, retro-style dungeon-crawler style RPG, with strong strategic combat elements. Looters will love it, as there's loads of different gear to find and equip. There's also plenty of character customisation, from the initial stat roll. Movement is quite interesting, you can select a location and hit the Move button, or push and drag your sprite about. The one thing that possibly needs an option to turn off is the blinking/flashing of your sprite and its destination, which is distracting.

The Dead Hop has quest and random missions, for dynamically-created game maps. It uses a time-based combat system. There's also a Faction store to buy powerful equipment with reputation. The developer is actively adding more content to the game, and there's a free version so you can try it out first.

Genre: Dungeon Crawler/Combat RPG
Platform: iPhone
Character: single character: class, stats, skills, abilities, gender, appearance
Story: story told through quest missions
Gear: melee and ranged weapons, 14 armour/jewellery slots, potions
Sidequests: random missions
Treasure: monster drops, chests, crates
Features: faction exchange for buying equipment with reputation, equipment can have enhancements and be part of sets
Grinding: moderate, as some quests require a minimum level
Links: Appshopper
Official site
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