Cuber Quest

Cuber Quest is a very sweet, slick little puzzle adventure whose deceptively cute graphics conceal quite challenging gameplay. You are a little cube that glides about, and needs to collect items to progress, and solve puzzles. You will die constantly, but when you do you just get sent back to the start of each level (or save point) - but the monsters you have already killed remain dead, and you keep the items you have already found.

This game reminded me a little of Tiny Lights. A lot more content and new levels were planned, including features such as crafting, and a spellbook with customisable spells. In some ways the RPG elements are still quite light, as there's no XP to earn, or skills/levels to raise. It's a one-man effort and it has been a while since a dev update, so additional content may well have been abandoned, but for a dollar the existing three levels are definitely worth it.

Genre: puzzle adventure
Platform: iOS iPhone
Character: cube
Story: new story in each chapter
Gear: n/a
Sidequests: none
Treasure: quest items
Features: no penalty rebirth
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper
Touch Arcade
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