Arvale Short Tales: Varju The Druid

Arvale Short Tales is described as a "lighter" role playing game, with open-ended quest-style gameplay. The statistics system has been simplified, and the monsters are "not TOO menacing". Given that Arvale and Arvale 2 weren't particularly hard-core in terms of monsters or stats, it's a bit strange that this would be even lighter. NPCs apparently interact with you differently depending on your character, and different day and night cycles affect quests, and if you can access certain NPCs or not. But there's a regular NPC all over the place who lets you sleep to change the cycle. There's also a new time-based battle engine for more strategy and interaction. It seems that this is a pull-apart from another Arvale game (Treasure of Memories? PC only) where the developers plan to release all four characters as separate game. One caution: it may be possible to nerf your character if you grind to get the highest gear. You'll stop getting more powerful even as you continue to level, but monsters will get harder and harder, and eventually unbeatable, since you can't skip fights with dungeon monsters.

As of July 2011, and still the case as of August 2012, this game is no longer listed in the App store.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: pre-defined
Story: original story
Gear: armour, weapons
Sidequests: yes
Treasure: money
Features: day-night cycle affects quests, unique combat system, shape-changing to access certain areas
Grinding: optional, for gear
Links: Appshopper
Official site
Arvale Short Tales map
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