Arvale 2: Ocean of Time

The lengthy sequel to Arvale, though it's a whole new and different story. You're propelled into the action straight away, and there are long, unskippable cutscenes at the start. All dungeons have good, challenging puzzles but you can solve most without hints/cheating. You replay dungeons later on with harder monsters, but don't need to re-solve puzzles. You level very fast at certain stages: just a few monster-kills earn enough exp to level. Weapons still decay and are all basic, there are no enhancements or enchantments. The wheelbarrows are still chatty, but you might want to check out some barrels as well.

This game left the App store, as of August 2012 it's back, but only as a "Lite" version. The forums have also gone 404.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: none, pre-defined
Story: interesting, very long, somewhat linear
Gear: magical artifacts and armour
Sidequests: quite a few, depending which route you take
Treasure: monster drops, chests
Features: comic dialogue, dungeon puzzles, equipment decay
Grinding: minimal
Links: Appshopper
Official PDAmill forum
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