Arvale: Journey of Illusion

Arvale is a classic RPG which came out for other devices some years ago, and is well worth replaying on iPhone. While the story is linear the game world is large, and some of the side quests will see you revisiting earlier towns. Graphically it’s bright, colourful and clear, the screenshots don’t do it justice. Weapons and armour decay per use, so you need to keep a good stock. The gameworld is also rich and detailed - don’t forget to talk to all the wheelbarrows ;)

This game left the App store, as of August 2012 it's back, but only as a "Lite" version. The forums have also gone 404.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: none, pre-defined
Story: interesting, lengthy and comic but very linear
Gear: just basic weapons, armour and potions
Sidequests: lots, some take the whole game to finish
Treasure: monster drops, chests
Features: comic dialogue, dungeon puzzles, equipment decay
Grinding: minimal
Links: Appshopper
Official PDAmill forum
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