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Action RPGs

These are action RPGs. They range from the in-depth to the hack'n'slash. Expect more grinding.

Temple of the Abyssal Winds

added 18.9.15
Original retro indie RPG
with deep, fun gameplay


added 18.9.15
New RPG from The Quest devs
in huge and beautiful 3D world


added 18.9.15
Fascinating RPG that progresses
through graphics styles

Ravensword: The Fallen

Epic 3D action RPG,
compared to Oblivion


Epic 3D action WRPG
with flying mounts

Aralon: Sword and

High-end 3D RPG with huge
world, 30 hours gameplay

The Shadow Sun

Dazzlingly beautiful 3D RPG set in
desert lands, very deep gameplay

Dungeon Hunter

Hack'n'slash RPG, amazing
graphics, compared to Diablo

Dungeon Hunter 2

Hack'n'slash sequel adding
many new features

Eternal Legacy

3D JRPG with free 360° camera,
dynamic turn-based combat

Crusade of Destiny

Original 3D action RPG with
40 hours gameplay

Across Age

Classic 2D action RPG
in style of Zelda

Chronicles of Inotia:
Legend of Feanor

Old school RPG with
pet hatching feature

Inotia 2: A Wanderer of

Single player action RPG with
mercenary hire, online arena

Inotia 3: Children of

Single player action RPG, adds
more story & character depth


High profile KRPG with
Dark vs Light moral choice

Zenonia 2: The Lost

Lengthy KRPG sequel,
asynchronous online PvP

Zenonia 3: The Midgard

Lengthy KRPG sequel, lots of
crafting, Retina graphics

Seed 1: Rise of Darkness

Fantasy KRPG with day-night
cycle and crafting

Seed 2: Vortex of War

Lengthy KRPG sequel, very
challenging towards end

Dragon Sword RPG

Action RPG with multi-player
mode, separate combat screen


Cute little platform RPG, like
Zenonia in platform format

Vanquish: The Oath of

Action RPG with unique
ink-and-wash graphics

Tap Quest

Unique retro-style action RPG
with auto-combat feature


Action KRPG with massive
skills chart, achievements

BattlEternal: Rise of
the Half-Angel

Ambitious 3D RPG,
sci-fi setting

HYBRID 2: Saga of

Action RPG sequel to
combat game, hack'n'slash

Kingdom of Gorath

Original action RPG, linear,
heavy grinding

The Bard's Tale

iOS universal port of 2004
classic satirical WRPG

Secret of Mana

iOS port of 1993 JRPG,
very lengthy gameplay

Galaxy on Fire

Space shooter RPG, fixed
missions then open play

Galaxy on Fire 2

Superb space shooter RPG,
trading system, original plot

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

Wonderful 3D space-faring
action RPG, fun and original

Sacred Odyssey: Rise
of Ayden

3D Action RPG, with very
challenging dungeon puzzles

Quexlor: Land of Fate

Old school action RPG,
with royalty-free graphics


Diablo-style action RPG,
fun and well-balanced

Tiny Lights

Unique, fascinating RPG
with magical graphics

LAR (Children of Pandora)

KRPG with downloadable
extra dungeons

Mage Gauntlet

Original action RPG with
quirky, arcade-style feel

Exitium: Saviors of

Well done KRPG with
online flea market

Soul Tamer Kiki

Action KRPG featuring
animal soul taming

Wild Frontier

Lengthy KRPG with in depth
item creation, heavy grinding

Xenome Episode 1

3D action adventure RPG,
huge open game world

Twin Swords: Blade of the

Innovative action adventure
RPG, 2 controllable heroes

Super Sword

Retro inspired RPG
adventure game

9th Dawn

added 27.10.15
Huge oldschool style RPG
with vast, rich gameworld

9th Dawn II

added 19.6.17
Still playing - review to come!

Exiled Kingdoms

added 9.2.17
Huge, flawless, isometric RPG
among the best iOS games ever

Star Wars: Knights of the
Old Republic

Epic space-themed classic
western action RPG


added 22.6.15
Fast-paced action RPG,
felt similar to Torchlight

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge HD

added 19.6.17
Still playing - review to come!

Luna Story

Action JRPG featuring
pets, bard spells


Slick action-puzzler RPG
with retro 8-bit feel

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